The Latest Trend - The Hottest Craze - The Newest Fad in Bathrooms: Shower Enclosures - Enclosed Showers are Taking Over - Gaining Popularity - All the Rage

The Latest Trend - The Hottest Craze - The Newest Fad in Bathrooms: Shower Enclosures - Enclosed Showers are Taking Over - Gaining Popularity - All the Rage

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Exclusive Bathroom Shower Enclosures
Today's remodelers are going big and going all out when it concerns revamping their restrooms since there are even more design principles available especially for the smaller bathroom. Normally the ordinary dimension of a bathroom is approximately 130-140sq ft, according to the National Interior Design Council when the brand-new market trends entered play, property owners sought to bath units as a means to provide bathrooms an extra roomy appeal. A crucial consider assisting revolutionize the shower market was due partly to home owners relocating towards changing single showers with two-person showers as well as removing adjoined bath/shower devices.
The desire for house owners to express their private layout flare is largely shared in the boosted variety of sales in regard to shower units where individuals are seeking to exceed the standard sliding glass door shower or shower particular. Given that shower enclosures have undergone a significant modification in the past several years, individuals are rapidly uncovering frameless shower doors as well as units are popular and that taking a relaxing shower in among these classy easy-to-clean shower units is a sanctuary of sheer enjoyment.
Sticking with the pattern towards visibility and airy areas, the distinguished variety of shower room layouts add a spectacular attract any type of shower room remodeling task, from frameless quadrant shower enclosures for an ultra contemporary appearance or uniquely created frosted glass corner shower room adorned in chrome or stainless-steel. The amazing spectacle of shower enclosure layouts straight lends to the success of the shower room and shower industry and has actually frequently been reported sometimes tough for washroom providers to keep supply in stock, suggesting there is supply sought after and gets on a steady higher climb. According to indoor designers with even more residences being built, individuals are personalizing their washrooms before completion to integrate the most recent trends in shower room décor with shower rooms blazing a trail not only because of their ageless beauty, yet are easily kept and also with every person leading way of livings that is an included incentive.
Investing cash in high quality products for a restroom such as a shower unit not just boost the appeal of your washroom, but will certainly look similarly as great one decade from currently. Available in many designs, shower enclosures can provide your bathroom a much more roomy feel and call for little upkeep at the same time.
Staying in the modern-day world, showers have ended up being more of a high-end compared to the old days in Greece where pull cord showers were taken outdoors and also only a cold water supply was available as a result of lack of plumbing. More than a welcomed modification took place towards the latter part of the 80's as well as into the early the 90's when new technologies were presented right into the bathroom renovating market where bathroom distributors saw a splurge in shower and bath sales, showing more house owners were aiming to upscale their bathrooms.
Shower enclosures were popularized in part of the style boom with bathroom providers displaying streamlined stylish layouts. Not soon home owners were destroying their existing bathrooms to the bare wall surfaces, thus producing a rise in demand for home contractors and also renovation companies induced by the washroom design craze. The emergence of shower rooms came to be a bottom line of passion as it gave way to opening a washroom where the shower no more needed to be connected to the bathroom and also just required extra plumbing be mounted in order to fit the placement of the shower enclosure.

10 Design Tips for Custom Shower Enclosures

A custom shower enclosure is a unique and ideal way to update your bathroom while giving it your own sense of style. When first designing your custom shower enclosure, keep in mind the outcome you want and the specific aesthetic details you wish to maintain. Designing a custom shower enclosure can be a daunting task, but these 10 tips will help guide you through the process.


The first tip for designing your custom shower enclosure is choosing the most efficient area for your new shower. Make sure you select an isolated space where the shower will be watertight and can be easily accessed.


Planning is one of the most crucial steps in designing a custom shower enclosure. Choosing a dynamic layout for your new shower while keeping costs at a minimum is both beneficial in the long run and in the short run. It is essential to know which angle your shower enclosure will be built around so you can plan ahead and buy the right materials. Most shower fixtures accommodate 90, 135, or 180 degree angles.

Enclosure Support

Before beginning the construction process, it is imperative that the wall that the hinged door will be attached to has the proper studding to support the shower door. Ideal studding would consist of two 2×4’s, but one 2×4 can work as well. For best results, use wood studs where the door hinges or panels will be placed.

Wall and Door Alignment

To prevent leakage, make sure that all walls meeting your glass shower door or glass panels are strictly vertical. Walls that are not vertical will cause gaps and uneven joints which leads to water seeping out.

Glass Panels

When designing your shower enclosure, see that each glass panel is at least 4½” wide and the door is at least 22” wide, but no larger than 36” wide. These measurements correspond with the materials and implements that are required to construct a shower enclosure.

Avoid Breaking Glass Tiles

To prevent the breakage of glass tiles, bypass any designs that require mounting door hinges and glass clips onto glass tiles.


In order for your custom shower enclosure to look clean and even, you must take caution when installing any counterparts of your enclosure that interfere with soffits, which are the eaves that run along the top of your shower. The soffits must align precisely with the angles of the curb for your enclosure to appear symmetrical.

Shower Curbs

Shower curbs are a great way to prevent water leakage, but they must be composed of the right materials and installed correctly. The most efficient shower curbs and curb tops are made out of pieces of tile, marble, and granite. Shower curbs perform best when installed at a five-degree slope, which allows water to flow freely and quickly towards the drain.

Location of the Shower Head

After the shower enclosure is installed, it is important to consider the placement of the shower head. You can minimize leakage by facing your showerhead toward tiled walls or fixed glass panels. Always avoid having your showerhead positioned in front of your shower door unless you have a low-volume water output.

Uneven Overhangs

Raised tiles and overhangs can be problematic when they appear in shower enclosures. Raised tiles and overhangs can interfere with the efficiency of the shower door, and they also negatively impact the appearance of the shower enclosure. To prevent raised tiles and overhangs, be precise and take your time when installing tiles around the enclosure.

Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors

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